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Gregor Žic

… a walk through the fragrant, dewy grass and my silent arrival to the hunting stand marks the start of my morning hunt! This is my first time at my father's hunting stand, the roe deer mating season is at its peak, and I am trying to make a deer call! After twenty minutes, a doe carefully comes out into the clearing, and with the buck... my heart is in my throat and my sights are set on the buck... my .222 rem (a gift from my father) breaks the morning bird songs, and the buck is gone! I quickly descend from the hunting stand and “fly” to where he was standing. His tracks lead me some 20 steps into the dense brush, where my first roebuck awaits me!

And this is how my hunting career began, 18 years ago, with a hunt I will never forget. Today I can say that I have been proud to be a hunter for half my life, and thanks to my love for nature and hunting, I have met many good people, made many friends and travelled half the world hunting.

I have passed game trophy assessment exams according to the rules of the CIC and SCI (Safari Club International) and I am proud to have been a member of the SCI Croatia Chapter since its establishment. My hunting room and office is ornamented with my dear hunting trophies, memories and recognition that I have achieved in my 18 year hunting career.

Why am I telling you this? I think that it is important that you, my current and future hunting clients, know that I am “one of you”, and that I have personally experienced all the wonders and challenges of hunting tourism. This experience has enabled me to offer you first-hand hunting packages, as I personally have travelled the majority of these hunting destinations.

With 20 years experience in tourism, almost half of which has been dedicated to hunting tourism, and with the ongoing desire to fully dedicate myself to the work I love, I decided in early 2010 to launch my own hunting agency. The tourism industry, as my profession, and my active knowledge of English, German and Italian, has greatly contributed to the quality of my services.

Therefore, my dear hunters, if you have unfulfilled hunting desires, feel free to contact me. It will be my great please to answer your questions and to prepare a hunting package that will meet your desires and possibilities.

Gregor Žic oec,  Owner of ADRIA HUNT d.o.o.


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