Croatian hunting grounds

Croatia is among the rare countries that can boast of having a tradition og organised hunting more than 120 years old. Our hunting grounds stand out for the rich and diverse palette for flora and fauna, high quality hunting facilities and more than 55,000 hunters acting as good stewards. This is best seen in the strong game fund and the prized trophy game shot in the past ten years. All three European predators, the bear, wolf and lynx, inhabit our hunting grounds.
The great diversity of land relief and climate in a relatively small country such as Croatia have only further enriched its hunting fund and made hunting here even more interesting.
Numerous hunting grounds are found throughout Croatia: from the lowland plains covered in fertile fields, the rich forests of oak, beech and chestnut on the slopes of the Psunj, Papuk and Bilogora hills, and Gorski Kotar and Velebit to the indented coast Adriatic Sea with over a 1000 islands. The climate is Mediterranean in the coastal region, with warm summers and mild winters, while the interior is characterised by a continental climate.

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