Brown bear

Brown bear
Due to the ideal biotype and living conditions, Croatia is one of the rare European countries where brown bear populations are strong and stable (approximately 500 individuals). Bears dwell in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar and Lika-Senj Counties, where we organise hunting trips in cooperation with our partners. Mountainous areas with untouched and calm nature are the primary habitat for the brown bear, while lowland areas are mainly transient hunting grounds. Hunting is recommended during winter and in early spring with a full moon, and the final hunting date is confirmed with the hunting ranger. The trophies earned in recent years prove the exception quality of our bears, with fur trophy values often surpassing 350 CIC points.
Hunting tours require reservations well in advance, due to the complexity of organisation and preparation of this hunt, so feel free to make an inquiry. We are pleased to offer the possibility of organising a hunt with expert guides who run the hunting societies, from tall, closed and comfortable hunting stands.
Bears regularly come out to carcass dumps, so the success of the hunt is guaranteed, of course, given the Goddess Diana looks upon you favourably.


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