Chamois (Balkan)

Divokoza (Balkanska)
We hunt for Balkan chamois in the hunting ground that made the current national champion and the runner-up in chamois trophy hunting. This unique hunting ground lies on the coastal slopes of the Northern Velebit region, and will ensure each hunter an unforgettable experience of hunting in the landscape of the Velebit expanses, valleys and canyons. Enjoy watching moufflon climb up cliffs hanging over the sea, or chamois with only the islands and sea as a backdrop. The Balkan chamois is larger than the alpine subspecies and can be found at altitudes of 0 to 1200 metres, just a 90-minute drive from Zagreb. In Croatia, the largest populations are found on the mountain massifs of the Adriatic coast, on Velebit and on Biokovo. Hunting for chamois, this exceptionally prized mountain trophy, demands that a hunter has excellent physical condition, a sharp eye and still hand. Chamois have well developed senses, with excellent sight, hearing and smell, making this hunting even more appealing. Shots are typically fired at distances of 200 to 300 m.


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