Fallow deer

Fallow deer hunting
One of the most attractive hunting grounds in our offer is certainly the island of Plavnik, where the fallow deer was successfully introduced fifteen years ago. The island is located between Krk and Cres and has a total area of 1000 hectares and has proven to be an ideal habitat for the fallow deer, the only large game on the island. Also found on the island are rabbits, rock partridge and sheep. The fallow deer has found the necessary peace on Plavnik as well as enough natural food and water, thereby meeting all the conditions for quality development.
Our hunting agency exclusively offers this very interesting island hunting ground which can only be accessed by boat. Here you will experience beautiful and untouched nature in the coastal karst, covered with oak, Holm oak, and juniper. The hunting ground also has a house where shepherds used to live where, during the day, you can relax, freshen up and enjoy the beautiful views of Krk and Cres islands. Nearby are the ruins of a small church, and frequent guests are the Griffon vultures! We hunting in ambush or from high hunting stands, or on guided walks. It is necessary to book your hunting trip in advance, both due to the necessary preparations and due to weather conditions.
If you want to hunt in a free hunting ground and enjoy a primal hunt for beautiful and high quality fallow deer, then the island of Plavnik is the perfect place! Hunting for selection deer, does and calves begins in early November, after the close of the mating season.
We have prepared a package with a great price, that includes all hunting costs, and all clients wanting to buy this premium game will receive a special discount!

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