Red deer

Red deer hunting
Our “king of the forest˝ can be found throughout the entire continental part of Croatia as well as in Gorski Kotar. The Baranja region, in the Danube and Drava River Basins, is well known for its strong deer with antlers weighing an average of 6–8 kg, though they have been known to reach an exceptional 12 kg. The hunting grounds in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County offer deer hunting for an average trophy weight of 5–7 kg, though larger and smaller trophies are also possible. Koprivnica-Križevci County, northeast of Zagreb, with the Kalnička gora mountains and lowland hunting grounds near the Hungarian border, offers deer of a similar trophy size as in Bjelovar. In comparison to the lowland fields and oak forests, Gorski Kotar offers hunting of the karst deer varieties with a weaker trophy weight of approximately 6 kg. This rugged but beautiful mountain terrain makes hunting more difficult, but that much more interesting. The best success can be achieved during the mating season to mid September.
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