Roe deer

Roe deer hunting
Roe deer is one the most commonly hunted wildlife in Croatia, alongside the wild boar. This game is found in the continental and coastal regions, as well as on the larger islands. Depending on the biotype, the trophy value of our roebuck varies, averaging about 300 g in weight. On good hunting grounds, this trophy value can increase to weigh 450–500 g. For roebuck hunting, the hunting grounds in Bjelovar-Bilogora County are the most ideal habitat for roe deer. The hunting grounds are near to the City of Bjelovar, the Grubišno polje field or the town of Garešnica between the hills of Moslavačka gora and Bilogora. These are fields and grasslands, bounded with smaller forests and forest reserves, ideal for ambush hunting. The hunting grounds are equipped with numerous tall hunting stands and ambush sites.
Hunting is best in May when the vegetation is less dense and in early August during mating season. You can expect to shoot one to two roebucks in a weekend or three to four if the hunter has three to four full hunting days!

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