Wild boar

Wild boar hunting
The wild boar is present in most Croatian hunting grounds, and their numbers are constantly increasing. Wild boar is hunted year round, individually from high stands or in ambush, while group hunting is most successful during the winter months, especially after the leaves fall and the ground is covered with snow. Hunting is also popular in the well known open hunting grounds in the Požega region, on the slopes of the Psunj and Papuk mountains, where wild boars find ideal living conditions in the oak, beech and wild chestnut forests. The fields, interwoven with clearings and forest paths, are ideal for hunting. The professionally organised dog driven hunt, lunch in the forest around the hunting fire between two drives and rich catch are sure to create long-lasting hunting memories. We invite you to join us!
We also organise successful individual hunts for wild boar in several privately owned hunting grounds, and in the hunting grounds in the Bjelovar region. The specific distribution of coniferous and deciduous forests of the Velebit massifs give way to tamer valleys of the beautiful Lika environment, where large and strong wild boar is found. The Lika hunting grounds have provided prize wild boars, including the Croatian champion (149.25 CIC points) from the Perušić hunting ground. We organise hunts in an excellent private hunting ground, covering 20,000 ha, with tall, close hunting stands, and accommodation in comfortable hunting lodges!
We would be please to set up your individual or group hunt for wild boar on other Croatian hunting grounds, depending on your desires, possibilities and free time. Driven hunts are organised for groups of 8 to 15 hunters, and hunters are required to strictly abide by the rules in the hunting ground and special warnings issued by the hunt leader.
Accommodation is organised in private facilities, pensions or hotels.
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